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Folkmanis Tortoise 13IN Hand Puppet

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Tortoise 13IN Hand Puppet

Folkmanis Inc.

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Tortoise 13IN Hand will probably be your kids best new doll. Among the list of major attributes is the tortoises are very long-lived. many can live to be 100 years old some can probably live to be 200. Other features include 13" long x 9" wide x 5" tall. It's 4"H x 6.5"L x 9.5"W. It weighs close to 0.1 lbs. Searching for Tortoise 13IN Hand .

Is this Tortoise looking for a hare to race? Head and front legs articulate or retract into shell completely. This silk-screened, suede-cloth puppet is just one step away from nature.

This 13-inch-long tortoise puppet has a soft green reptilian body, gleaming brown eyes, plus a smooth, beige suede tortoise shell. A mature and sage-looking creature, Tortoise tends to make a terrific trouper for your puppet show, or merely a fun take-along friend (talk to her inside the car, she's a great listener ). --Elisabeth Fredrickson With your help, Tortoise can creep along at her leisurely pace (about a mile every 9 hours, according for the tortoise reality sheet printed on her label) , or, if she senses danger, quickly retract her head and front legs into her shell, a ability which makes her specifically well-suited for games of peekaboo. Be sure to check out Tortoise's label for fascinating facts about tortoises at exactly precisely the same time because the Hottentot version from the famous"Tortoise and the Hare"folktale.


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