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Mary Meyer Sweet Rascals, Terrence Turtle, 9

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Sweet Rascals
Mary Meyer Sweet Rascals Terrence Turtle 9 Image 1

Mary Meyer

Package Quantity: 1

Youngsters fancy the lovable Sweet Rascals . I actually liked that the doll has when not in play, sweet rascals plush animals sit up on a shelf for easy adorable display. Other highlights consist of sweet terrance turtle measures 9". The turtle doll is 9" Height x 7" Length x 7" Width. I want you to get the best price when you buy a doll.

A tiny shy, but coming out of his shell - so to speak - Terrence may be a 9"mottled green turtle getting a mottled brown and white shell. Both whimsical and fun, Sweet Rascals sit up to be noticed, drawing attention wherever they are. '


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