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Ty Beanie Baby - Speedy The Turtle

Rating Rating 4 Stars
Beanie Baby


Beanie Baby a great item by Ty is simply fun. A listing of feature characteristics are made by ty in 1993 and for ages 3+. 008421040308 is the UPC for this product.

Speedy will quickly become 1 of you favorite Beanie Babies. His shell is a beautiful pattern of contrasting green and brown, and his eyes are black buttons. Surface wash only. --Peggy Etra With his bright green body, head, and tail, this little guy is adorable. He was born August 14, 1994. Speedy is really a long-time favorite Beanie Baby and it's actually no surprise. His poem reads: Speedy ran marathons inside the past Such a shame, always final Now Speedy is a big star After he bought a racing car! As an older Beanie, he has been challenging to find.


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